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Lesser Galangal / Maraba - Plant

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Maraba or Kaempferia Galangal, is a large leafed, rhizomatous herb that never grows more than 10 - 15 cm high.
In Thailand, the young leaves are used as a vegetable and are extremely good when added to curries.
Often called 'Lesser Galangal' because of the wonderful aroma of the rhizome.
Slices of the rhizome are cooked with vegetable or meat dishes in Javanese cooking ,Rijstafel, or sambal kacang, made from Maraba, ground peanuts, soy sauce, chilli and garlic.
Lesser Galangal is the key ingredient in the famous Balinese roast duck, Bebek Betulu.
It spreads slowly by underground runners and so the leaves or the rhizome itself can be harvested frequently without disturbing the parent plant.

A beautiful litle plant that is just as happy in a pot if required.

In full splendor during Summer and Autumn or dormant plant during winter and early spring.

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