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Horehound - Dry Herb 25gm

Horehound - Dry Herb 25gm Image

Parts Used: Above ground portion.
Properties: Antispasmodic, Appetizer, Bitter Tonic, Cholagogue, Demulcent, Diaphoretic, Diuretic, Emmenagogue, Expectorant.
Internal Uses: Asthma, Bronchitis, Catarrh, Colds, Cough, Croup, Laryngitis, Paratyphoid, Sore Throat, Tachycardia, Tuberculosis, Typhoid, Whooping Cough, Worms
Internal Applications: Tea, Tincture, Capsules, Syrup, Lozenges.

The essential oils in Horehound help dilate the arteries and relieve lung congestion. The extreme bitterness helps drive away worms. Horehound increases circulation to the lungs, expels mucus, and cools infection.

Topical Uses: Dog Bites, Eczema, Shingles, Wounds
Topical Applications: Made into an oil for applying to wounds. Compress for wounds, eczema, shingles and dog bites.
Culinary uses: Candy, Liqueurs, Ales.
Energetics: Bitter, Pungent, Cool, Dry.

Chemical Constituents: Essential oil (pinene, limonene, camphene), diterpene alcohols (marrubinol, marruciol, silareol), sterols, saponins, bitter lactone, alkaloids (betonicine, stachydine), tannin, mucilage, bitter principle (marrubin), vitamin C.

Contraindications: Large doses may be a laxative.