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Strawberry Indian - Potted plant

Strawberry Indian - Potted plant Image

Common names include False Strawberry, Mock Strawberry, She Mei and Wild Indian Strawberry.
Not to be confused with Alpine or European wild Strawberry, this little beauty has it's telltale yellow flowers.

Mostly gown for it's medicinal value, the fruit is edible but hardly worth the effort.
On the other hand, medicinally, the flowers, leaves and fruit are very useful in the garden medicine chest.
It can be used fresh or dried as with many herbs.

As a decoction it has been used for stomatitis, laryngitis, and acute tonsilitis, or the fresh leaves can be crushed and applied externally as a poultice.
It is used in the treatment of boils and abcesses, burns, weeping eczema and even ringworm.
A decoction of the leaves is medicinal and used in the treatment of swellings.
An infusion of the flowers is used to activate the blood circulation.
She Mei is used extensively in China as a medicinal herb and is tested for it's traditional use in stopping some forms of cancer from spreading through the body.

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