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Horn Silica - Prep 501- 1gm

Horn Silica - Prep 501- 1gm Image

The main reason to use horn silica is that our atmosphere has become extremely contaminated with man made forms of pollution.
As well as microwaves and other electromagnetic pollution there is our thought and emotional pollution.

Horn silica allows plants to connect with the cosmos through the many layers of atmospheric pollution.
This cosmic connection is vitally important for balance plant growth.

With vegetables; green manure crops and grain use horn silica at the seedling or 2 leaf stage and again when the crop is growing vigorously.

For those crops that need ripening – fruiting vegetables or grain, spray Horn Silica two or three days before harvest – this will finish the ripening process; raise brix (sugar) levels; harden the skins for better storage and intensify flavours; oils and colour of your produce.

One gram of Horn Silica will adequately cover 1 acre of garden.

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