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Ashwagandha Root Coarse -

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Withania somnifera, Winter Cherry, Withania, Indian Ginseng

Bio-dynamically grown by us, here in Australia.

Parts Used: Root, leaves, berries.

Properties: Adaptogen, Anabolic, Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory, Antispasmodic, Antitumor, Aphrodisiac, Astringent, Diuretic, Febrifuge, Hormonal Regulator, Hypotensive, Immune Stimulant, Nutritive, Pregnancy Tonic, Rejuvenative, Sedative, Tonic, Uterine Sedative.

Internal Uses: Anemia, Anorexia, Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma, Bipolar Depression, Bronchitis, Cancer, Candida, Convalescence, Dyspepsia, Edema, Emaciation, Exhaustion, Fatigue, Forgetfulness, Gray Hair, Headache, Hypertension, Illness, Impotence, Infertility, Insomnia, Low Sperm-count, Lumbago, Memory Loss, Mental Fatigue, Neurosis, Overwork, Panic Attacks, Premature Aging, Pulmonary Edema, Rheumatism, Stress, Tremors, Wounds

Internal Applications: Tea, Tincture, Capsules.
It is a pregnancy tonic for both the fetus and a weak mother. Ashwagandha relieves pain by lowering serotonin levels, which contribute to the sensitivity of pain receptors in the body. It is considered a good tonic for the mind and useful for those who have overindulged in work, drugs, or alchohol.

Topical Uses: Wounds

Topical Applications: Poultice for wounds.

Energetics: Bitter, Sweet, Warm.

Chemical Constituents: Alkaloids, steroidal lactones, iron.

Contraindications: Generally regarded as safe.

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Due to exorbitant overseas postage costs, the dried herbs can only be posted within Australia.