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Brahmi - Potted Plant

Brahmi - Potted Plant Image

Brahmi is another herb made popular through the familiarization of Ayurvedic medicine.
It is a low growing, spreading plant, similar to Pennyroyal in habit.
It will grow almost everywhere in Australia if the roots are kept damp.
Brahmi is at it's best with about four hours of sunlight a day, but it will not do well if the roots dry out for any length of time.
We have found that it does not tolerate complete shade, as is often recommended, and it does prefer tank or rain water.
We feed the plants at least 4 times per year as they do like feed often.

If you are growing in pots then we suggest long troughs instead of the regular round pot as it will spread and root with carefree abandon.
To use the herb, all that you need to do is to 'graze' the tops on a regular basis.
This also encourages the plant to spread.

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