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Wormwood - Potted Plant

Wormwood - Potted Plant Image

Wormwood is a beautiful and fast growing perennial that states, quite simply, 'this is an herb garden'.
They are stately plants that can get a little ragged if not trimmed on a regular basis but brushing past it fills the air with it's distinctive scent.
They will deter insect pests but only if the foliage is active, so constant brushing past is necessary.
Ideal for high traffic areas of the garden.
We have never used the herb as a vermifuge but this is it's historic function. Hence the common name.
The leaf and flowering tops are tonic but toxic in high doses. It's use to create 'Absinthe' is illegal but it is still used to flavour 'Vermouth'.
Very tolerant of most soil conditions, striking the seed is a bit 'hit and miss'.

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