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Self Heal, Plant

Self Heal, Plant Image

This herb grows so well from it's spreading root system and is so easy to strike from divisions and seed.
Just as the Gotu Kola merrily spreads itself, the Self Heal silently fills those 'hard to grow anything in' areas under trees in partial shade or full sun, if they are not allowed to either dry out or stay waterlogged.

Sometimes twice a year it sends up tight little heads of purple flowers.

The leaves and flowers of Selfheal are used extensively in the healing of cuts and scrapes as well as bleeding gums.
As a decoction we use it for high blood pressure, an unbalanced liver and a stimulant for the gall bladder.
As the dried Selfheal is just as potent as the fresh, you can control it's growth by trimming and drying all the aerial parts.

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