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To keep the postage issue as tidy and as fair as possible, we have separated the plant and seed orders. This also means that 'soil' and 'seeds' will not be in the same parcel, thus satisfying interstate postage regulations.
All postage is by Registered post, and as such must be signed for on receipt.

If you wish to arrange a combination of seed and plants, you will need to visit the 'Direct Deposit' page HERE!

Postage increases with the quantity of plants in the order:
To $12.00 is $11.50 registered postage.
To $25.00 is $14.50 registered postage
To $50.00 is $15.50 registered postage
To $80.00 is $24.50 registered postage
Anything over $80.00 is $36.00
registered postage

South Australian customers please note that due to the slow postal service within SA, we can only post orders on Mondays, to hopefully arrive by Friday.
If there is a particular herb that you are after that you cannot find either on this site or our garden list, please feel free to email us and if we do not have it we may be able to point you in the right direction.
Some of the herbs we may only have in small quantities that have not qualified for general listing yet.
We can often supply small quantities as a special order.

Our gardens are located in the Lockyer Valley, a few hours west of Brisbane.
We are no longer open to the public on a day to day basis and our primary means of retailing is Mail Order.
Telephone contact is : 0488 774 283, during our normal Business hours of 9am to 4.00pm Weekdays
(No daylight saving time in Queensland unfortunately)
or please email to: